hello im new to recording, question about headphones & d

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by vishnu, Jan 11, 2005.

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    hello there, brand new to recording, trying to record live in a basment, 3 piece, drums in a drum room, two amps in another. looking for advice on a device that can split and power three headphones for the players. please reccomend me a device to split and power headphones and some headphone recommendations please. im looking at behringer cause its only 180$ can for 4 headphone outs, but perhaps you guys know better stuff.

    also im using a 9 channel powered mixer with eq to mic and mix the stuff. here are my mics and amps please let me know what you would use and where and how to bring them up in the mix cause IVE NEVER DONE IT so im pretty much shootin in the dark which is fine but id like a bit of direction

    dont need vocals right now cause i can eventually use nuendo (its all i have i dont know if its good or what im just trying to hit record you know)

    one shure sm 57
    two shure sm 58
    two low end shures called c606??
    one low end no name like the sure c606


    120 watt head to a 4X12
    100 watt 15" bass rig combo - xlr direct to mixer if adviseable

    standard 7 piece drum kit

    how and where would you distribute the limited stuff. id like to record all at the same time cause i dont know how to use nuendo at all.
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    welcome vishnu

    . Please note: It's not nessesary to post the same topic in four or more forums, one is enough. We all see what's going on around here and don't want to see redundant topics.. I believe this is the right forum for this topic. I deleted your other posts, ah it's a tough job.... :wink:

    Welcome again and Cheers!

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    yeah, im old but new

    i was scared of getting a waring for "spamm" but its like if you dont ask the right questions in the right place then the right ppl wont answer, duly noted tho, and ill keep the spamming to a null, thats not a problem, see how many views my "i just bought a 10000 pa got" funny eh? <----- im from canada HA

    thanks guys

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