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  1. Ok. I just put together a computer for a friend(3rd one I've built) and everything seemed to be cool until I try access the BIOS and/or load Windows. The configuration I have setup is a 755-A2 ECS mobo (AMD 64 -socket 754) w/ a WD 120 hd (IDE) and a Plextor PX-712SA DVD-R drive (SATA). When the system boots up it recognizes both drives but does nothing when I press 'del' or try 'cntrl,alt,esc' to access the BIOS, I get nothing. If I unplug the DVD drive everything seems to be fine but obviously I can't load Windows if the drive's not connected. In my very limited experience I've used hard drives w/ SATA but never a DVD-R drive w/ an SATA connection. Could this be the problem? ANY advice you could provide would be much appreciated.

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    Have you made sure that all jumpers are set correctly on both the hard drive and the plextor? That may be the reason. They may be conflicting with each other in some way.

    I went on and looked under SATA Installation and there are different ways to configure them.

    Take a look at both Plextor and WD's site to make sure it's all set right.

    One thing to try is just attaching the Plextor alone and see if that works ok as well as the system being able to detect the windows cd.

    Opus :D
  3. anonymous

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    welcome to the world of Sata and why i only recommend it for audio drives only.

    i am not familar with that mobo, however
    to use a sata as a main boot often time you have to go into the bios (usually the delete key or F2)
    and set the sata to act as ide.

    good luck! we had the same issues with plextor sata

  4. Opus, I think that I have the jumpers set correctly I've checked and re-checked them, but will re-read and see if I find anything different. Thanks for the reply ;)

    Scott, thanks for the advice. I will try going into the bios and see if I can set the sata to ide. I had a feeling that it might have something to do with the bios but wasn't sure. If I get this to work this will be the one and only time I ever deal with an sata dvd-r drive. Thanks!

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    I was wondering about that myself. I see no gain in using an optical drive for SATA. I could see the smaller cables for connection but otherwise doesn't make sense to me. IDE is just fine for optical drives IMHO

    Opus :D
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    yeah pretty much pointless.

    however many new boards are only coming with 1 IDE port.
    what a pain. but 8 stinking Sata ports, as if...

    so depending on the case (like a large tower or even the sonata)

    cabling the IDE os drive and IDE OPtical can become a challenge.

    we had to order special cables just for this purpose..

    its always something...


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