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    peace everyone...
    i am about to build a booth for recording vocals in my home studio. how big does a booth for one artist at a time have to be and what materials do i need to build one. i am concerned with how dead the acoustics of the booth have to be. is a totally dead booth best for vocals or is it better to have it a bit spacier with a higher ceiling for the vocals to have more room to travel. im new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. does the booth have to be enclosed or can it be open. about a window so i can see the artist in the booth. help me please. i already have alot of acoustic foam.
  2. I prefer to have vocalists record in an actual room, rather than a small dead booth. I usually just find a good spot in the room I'm working with. There's arguments both ways for recording vocals, dead or live. I prefer rooms that are live rather than dead. Just seems to add more character.
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