Help Choosing: MIDI Interface, Sound Card, & Mixer

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    Brief Summary
    Kind of Studio: Home Studio, Computer Recording/Sequencing

    Price Budget: $1000

    Seeking advice in choosing: Midi Interface, Sound Card, Mixer

    Futher Detail
    If only working with one keyboard, a drum machine, adding a sound module later and looking forward to sequencing in Cubase, what Midi interface would be the most efficient and helpful to a setup such as this? (Price range $100-300)

    What type of sound card (of best quality/price) would be resourceful for such a setup if also working with Audio (such as sampling, recording, and the like, but not more than two recording simultaneously)? (Price Range $200-600)

    And I saw this mixer (below), which hooks up via usb and claims it doesn’t require a sound card. Does this seem like the most efficient and easiest, carefree move? And would this also serve as a midi interface as well?

    TASCAM US-428 USB Digital Audio Workstation interface


    Is there better (in the price range given)? If there is, what, and why would it be better?

    Also, what would be a good mixer as in quality and the pre-amps for a vocal mic and guitar?

    Excuse the ignorance; I’m still in the beginning stages of learning and applying. Thanks for any replies and help!!!!

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