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Discussion in 'Computing' started by SPIT, Apr 22, 2005.

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    title : the impact of new media technologies on music production or for musicians

    basically i have to write a paper concerning how the "computer" has revolutionized the way we produce music, and its other effects on music production (ie. cheaper and easier = more people into producing....then this may be bad as it would be harder to get a break..etc) I could probably make a small mention of the INTERNET and its impact on music too.

    I have to focus on 5 headings:



    Just thought id ask on the boards to see if anyone has/had any opinions to pass or any advice to give.

    BIG Thanks
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    can you be more specific please? maybe post a few questions regarding such stated topics of concern, this way answers may be easier solicted :)
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    i did my university dissertation about how computers have changed the way in whcih people compose music.

    my case study was about frank zappa and his synclavier and the fact that he stopped using orchestras to perform his work cause he could never get the performance out of them. this then went on to him composing more complicated music cause he knew he could get the performance out of the synclavier

    i got a good mark for it

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