HELP - ERROR 6086 In Pro Tools LE

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by djrr3k, Mar 26, 2005.

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    so I just set a friend up with a new computer and an Mbox. The computer is a Gateway 530:

    3.0 GHZ
    1.0GB Dual Channel RAM
    200 Gig System Drive, 120 Gig Audio Drive (Maxtor 7,200 W/8MB Cache, Both SATA

    I loaded up a 14 track session at 48k/24bit and I keep getting errors telling me to increase the H/W buffer (6086). It is set at 1024 samples. I ran the computer in Diagnostic mode to try to ease the load on the CPU, but when I look at the CPU usage meter it's not even budging. I put 16 instances of the Izotope Ozone 3 on the inserts and the CPU usage is still only around 50%. I get this message sometimes two seconds after hitting play, sometimes two minutes after hitting play. With tons of plugins on, and with NO plugins on.

    Any Ideas?
    I know the motherboard is an Intel 915G which Digidesign doesn't claim to support, as well as SATA, but I'm kind of running out of ideas. He is also running 6.7, I suggested 6.4 since it seems to have a few less bugs in it, we are going to try using 6.4 this upcoming week if we can't get the problem fixed.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Have you read the manual, checked the DUC at Digidesign's website and/or called tech support yet? I'd start there, in that order, if I were you.
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    OH MAN! That board is a problem

    Very likely your motherboard, Digi does'nt fool around when they say they don't support a board. Only other thing to look at is your bios, if you have hyper-threading, well, you know the drill. Best of luck to you.

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