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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by SBrule, Apr 23, 2005.

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    Hey, I have been doing some home recordings for about a year now....i do not know to much about the acual process of recording. I would like to know what else i should be doing besides micing the equipment and recording into my comp...what comes after i have done this...? recordings sound soo..flat and linear...when i listen to professional recordings they are much more 3D and dynamic and louder.

    I would also like to know a bit more about micing guitar cabinets
    Right now i just use a 57 at the grill straight on, a CAD condenser about 3 feet away pointed at the center of the cone and then another CAD condenser about 6ft away 5ft up.

    anything and everything you can tell me will be GREATLY appreciated....i am very interested in this stuff.
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    You can try posting this in the recording forum, we try to keep things geared towards mastering in this forum, although we do stray now and again. But this is really a recording question.
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