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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by maffro, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I've been composing using Reason for a while, but I'm about to make the jump to home recording. Unfortunately, I know far less than the bare minimum. So if I tell you vaguely what I'm planning to do, could someone with more experience (ie: any of the fine members here) tell me if I'm on the right track?

    I plan to record a single track at a time, using either a Midi Controller, Direct Injection (probably bass) and a SM57 from home. Though there is slightly more equipment available to me as I'll be portable.

    I'm planning to buy a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, since I've seen decent reviews and it has plenty of assignable controllers for use in reason.

    I'm also planning to buy an M-box 2, the standard one, as my audio interface. Will this be able to transfer information to protools straight through the USB connection, or is there anything else I need to buy to make myself able to record to the software?

    Thankyou for any help.
  2. Greener

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    Some cables? You seem to have it covered.
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    You are a gem, greener. I tend to repel forum replies to my questions.

    I'll be after all the Xlr, Jacks and Midi Connectors in good time, which is good.

    But I can enter all of this audio and midi information to the laptop through the USB connection, right?
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    As Greener said, that setup is enough to get you going. I'd also recommend a tutorial book on using PT. There are lots of them around (one of the big advantages of starting with PT). Do a search on Amazon. This one was my favorite, but I have not gone through the midi chapter. You would obviously want the book with the best material on using midi. The Keane book mentioned above has practice tracks to edit and step-by-step instructions on recording your own tracks. There are several others that do the same type of thing. Good to get you up the learning curve quickly. There are also a lot of free video tutorials on the web and from the Digi site.
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    Yes, that should all work for what you want it to do. You may find the Mbox somewhat limiting both functionally and sonically, and PT is not the best DAW in the universe for MIDI operations, but you'll get something done with that setup.

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