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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Tech0rz, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. Tech0rz

    Tech0rz Guest

    My first Post, weeeeeeee :>

    lo all, i've decided to try and use my guitar thru my PC. It's a good spec but its a standard Sound Card. I've just used an adapter and plugged my guitar into my Microphone port. I am getting sound, just your bog standard clean sound.

    This is where u guys come in ;D - I want to use software ALONE, no hardware (just yet) , so only software, and i want to be able to play guitar thru my PC with effects, such as reverb, delay, chorus etc. I have Fruity Loops 4.1, and i was wondering if u can link to a mixer track and add effects? wishful thinking.

    So, what software can i get, to perform this, i also want to be able to record songs. It would also be excellent if you could create a distortion effect, for metal n stuff.

    Can u name some of the best software for this ?
  2. GrooveMonkee

    GrooveMonkee Guest


    Check out Cakewalk Home studio or Sonar (go with Sonar if you can afford it).

    You also need a good soundcard ($200+) Check into the Omni I/O or Omni Studio at

    If you want some software effects for your guitar, Line6 has a software program. see http:// I believe it is called GuitarPort.

    I think you'll find most people use pedals and other hardware for guitar effects, however. For recording and getting a particular sound, it's all about the combination of amp, cabinet, mic, guitar, effects and playing and recording techniques - not just buying a piece of software.

    If you're serious about recording, spend the money now rather than buying cheap stuff which you will end up replacing later. Not necessarily top of the line but highly rated project studio stuff that you can grow into. There is a lot to learn so be patient and work toward your goals. Hang out with others and learn from them.

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