Help! Groove Tubes 6TM Power Supply cable Pin out schematic/ ADAT Elco to 1/4" snaKes

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by Jack Dupp, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Jack Dupp

    Jack Dupp Active Member

    Feb 5, 2011
    I have an old Groove Tubes 6TM mic with the PS1 Vacuum tube power supply. The mic end looks like the Groove Tubes EC7 cable in that it has a 7-pin connector. The power supply end looks like an 9-pin ADAT sync connector almost like a vga computer display connector. I am in need of the pin out configuration so that I can build one or a source to purchase one. Also does anyone have any ADAT 56-pin Elco to 1/4" snakes. I am in need of at least 2 and as many as 4. No luck from ebay or the usual suspects.
    Thank you
  2. aamicrophones

    aamicrophones Active Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    Hi Jack, I don't have the pin outs but I have listed the two most common pin-outs below.

    A good part of our business is upgrading Chinese microphones.

    However, I have never done an 6TM.

    But I could sell you one of our power supplies and dual 7 pin cables for $75. You might have to change the pin-outs at the microphone end.

    If you send me a picture of the microphone circuit/connector with the sleeve off and the connector on your existing power supply I might be able to see how they have wired it.

    We use the more common pin-outs listed below but Groove Tube could have used a different pin-out configuration.

    2-5.5v dc filament
    3-0-125v pattern selector
    5- audio out -
    6-audio out+
    7 ground/common connect to pin 4

    My guess is that is much like a MA200 but with 3 patterns we use the same tube and a similar power supply in our CM28 tube pencil microphone but with our 7 pin configuration.

    I just did another CAD8000 and they used a 6 pin which is what I believe Groove Tube changed to after the 6TM because folks didn't like that 9-pin connector.

    Seven Pins are the maximum that you need and you can use 6 pins when you are not changing patterns from the power supply.

    The spec's state that it had a capsule with 5 micron diaphragms. So, you might be in luck that it not to "zingy".

    If the shield goes to pins 4 & 7 then its probably wired liked above.

    The wiring for the 6 pin cables that we have come across is as follows:-

    2-Audio Out -
    3-Audio Out+
    4-5.5v dc filament
    6-125v dc plate supply/capsule polarization

    Cheers, Dave Thomas
    Advanced Audio Microphones
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