HELP! Has anyone EVER used an electrovoice 654a for ANYTHING

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by link0126, Oct 29, 2008.

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    I need info ASAP from anyone who has every mic'd anything with this vintage omni dynamic mic. This is for a school project due tomorrow. can't find anything about anyone using this online... the thing must be a piece of junk.

    thanks very much!!
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    Feb 23, 2005
    These were mainly used on early TV news and game show sets You used to see them worn as a lav, kinda like a cigar on a necklace...LOL!
    They did well on TV shows because they were pretty flat w/out proximity issues. They sucked on TV shows because they would pick up all the ambience noises, too!
    For music productions, they were used on horn sections. I used to use one as a room mic, run through a Shure LeveLoc (compressor) on drum kits. Instant Zep!!!
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I made a lovely piano recording with a pair of these on a 8-foot Mason Hamlin grand, which sounded quite lovely as it was rather tight Miked. And yeah, no flabby proximity effect, no equalization, no problem. Spread far enough apart that there wasn't any phasing. One up on the high side near the hammers. One on the low side near the end of the case. And it's good when using it for interview vocals as omnis do not have a tendency to pop & blast as uni-directional microphones do . So in many ways, safer. Nothing worse than hearing a pop & blast every other word. And remember, contrary to popular belief omnis are semi directional since any microphone sounds better when sound is on axis to it. So you still want it pointing in the direction you want it to pick up.

    I never quite bought into the examples shown in audio reference books, where, for instance, recording an orchestra with these. Spaced approximately 8 feet apart. On floor stands. Mounted vertically with the capsules pointed towards the ceiling. Yeah, true omni-pick up that way. That is, if you like a completely ambient piece of crap.

    So obviously, as a student, in what capacity will you be using these? I hope not in any suppositorial manner? I think there too long for that?

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