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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by paita2, Aug 26, 2003.

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    Hello to all, here we are in search of enlightenment...
    The problem is this:
    We are about to record some Andean panpipes for our fusion band (Afro/ Andean/ latin/caribbean)
    We have been very disappointed to hear Andean pan pipes (do not confude with the Romanian ones)recorded even by the really big pros (point at case check Shakira's Whenever Wherever - no soul or warmth) The pipes just sound awful wimpy, liveless, without bottom end and too airy. Nothing compared with the way we make them sound acoustically.
    How can we get more bottom end and definition without applying much EQ??? Particularly since we have so many other instruments going on.
    Would a Sure 58 cut it or is this a crazy idea??
    We found the C1 Studio projects lo lack the bottom end for this specific instrument, while adding at the same time too much crispiness -not definition- to the pipes, The Marshall mics do somewhat of the same. And believe it or not the Newman-87 was even wimpier.
    So what do you suggest? -without using proximity effect (which just adds way to much sibilance and airyness-litterally due to the blowing technique required by this flute)
    We can get our hands on Oktavas 219, Sure 58s or 57s and Audio Technica 813 mics aside from the afore mentioned C1 and Marshall mics
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Apr 9, 2003
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    Boy, that is a tough one. How about a shotgun mic? Or maybe a contact mic on the pipes themselves with another room mic. You seem to have been doing quite a bit of experimenting. Are you micing above or below the pipes? Are you trying to mic too close? Some instruments take some time/distance to generate some acoustic velocity. Stand in your acoustic environment where the pipes sound best and just mic from right there. Or is the problem that you don't want all the room tone?

    Good Luck!!!

    Uncle Bob

  3. tonio

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    just guessing, but maybe a flatter SD mic?
    And utilize the proximity effect to bring out the lows, and angle it so you don't get the HF i.e. like for strident vox. Or furthur out and off axis? Just for kicks(pun intended) try a kick dynamic mic.
    Panpipes sound nice!!
    Good luck


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