HELP-How to add 8 inputs on Tascam FW 1884

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by petko, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. petko

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    Help!!!!!I want to expand my Tascam FW 1884 with 8 analog inputs which preferably could work under 24/96.I've been searching everywhere but couldn't find piece that suite me.Behrinnger ADA8000 is only 48 kh. so if anyone know the solution or give me any advise-APPRECIATE!!!!!!!!!
  2. Adding 8 channels

    Hi. I used to have an FW1884, but I recently replaced it with 3 firepods. To add 8 channels of 24/96 converters, you might want to look into the M-Audio Octane 8 ADAT preamp. It is $600 and it will allow you to sync to any sample rate you want through a BNC word clock cable. The preamps are very good and the unit is relatively affordable. If you want something that is even higher quality, and offers more flexibility, I would strongly reccomend the Mackie Onyx 800r. It is $1000, and i has many useful features (shelves, phase inversion, etc). I have used the 800r and I loved it. You can find both of these on Hope this helps.
  3. Eriksmusicproduction

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    Oct 17, 2005
    The fw1884 can input a max of 14 channels at 96k through the adat and spdif connections simultaniusly (simultaneusly, simultaneously, sumultaneusly, anyway).

    Other than that you'd have to add anouther interface like drowningmonkrecords said, although you'd have to look into it as i think most daw programs won't support more than one interface at a time.
  4. Actually, both of the strips I recommended are ADAT interfaces (rather than FireWire), so they should work with any program. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check this out for yourself before adding one to your setup. I don't know exactly what you use, but I have a G5 with Logic Pro 7.1, and it worked fine for me. Along the lines of what Eriksmusic was saying about SPDIF, you can get a stereo preamp from Presonus with 24/96 conversion called the Eureka Pro for $500 (also available on If you were to get an ADAT strip and the Eureka, you would be able to utilize 18 channels of simultaneous inputs (depending on whether or not your computer can handle that many active channels). Good luck to you.
  5. petko

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    Thanx a lot guys,i'll definitely go check this M-Audio Octane and Eureka Pro 'couse they both look like a useful and affordable piece of gear to me.I'm gonna read all about them and see if i could check them out-thanx again.
  6. petko

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    I'm using PC Pentium 4 2.8 GHz and Cubase SX 3.0 so i guess should be enough for handling another interface trough a ADAT or SPDIF.

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