help me choose the best mic, preamp and mixer up to $2000

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and was reffered here by a friend. I heard a lot of great stuff about it and I must admit I am impressed how much you can learn from some threads here!
    I wonder if you could help me choose the gear for my home studio as I am completely 'green' when it comes to this stuff. I've been a vocalyst for a couple of years now but I always used either a prof studio or my friend's home one. Recently I put off some money and thought it would be great if I could lay my vocals at home and just send it to the studio to be mixed and mastered.

    The budget I got is around $2000 but I am not in a hurry so it will be growing with every month. I am looking for a condenser mic for rnb and rap vocals. A good preamp to it and a mixer (or just a mixer if it consists of a good mic preamp itself) On top of that I think I am going to buy an external soundcard because the integrated one in my laptop is probably not gonna be enough.

    I only think about recording vocals at home and don't plan upgrading my studio too soon. I am also interested in buying a portable booth. Has anyone used somethingike that before? Is it worth these hundred bucks?

    Could you please give me any suggestions of the gear you have used before that would fit in my budget and needs?
    Thanks in advance! It's great to be here and be able to ask you.
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    You don't need a mixer. You also should not use the sound card built in to your computer if you want to achieve half-decent results. Use your $2K to get a suitable microphone, audio interface, cables, mic stand, monitoring headphones, DAW software and acoustic treatment for your room. It won't go very far.

    There have been many threads on RO recently about mics for rap vocals, so I suggest you scan those first. Don't automatically assume that a condenser mic is what you need - dynamics can give better results than budget condensers.

    You need an interface that has a good microphone pre-amp and headphone output. Again, there have been threads about this, but don't be tempted by the cheaper products from M-Audio or B**ringer. Rap vocals are a surprising demanding task for both microphone and pre-amp.

    Also, do not underestimate the importance of making a good acoustic space to record these vocals in.
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    here's the scoop
    Mic....CAD Trion 8000 Tube, reason is this, a tube mic needs not phantom power, 400.00......... (this mic is endorsed by John Legend)
    Pre....Daking Mic Pre One, one of the best tech guys around, 750.00...... or a channel strip such as the SSL Alpha Channel, pre, eq, compressor all in one, 995.00
    DAW....Cubase 5, if your doing RnB, Rap, HipHop this is the midi master and its compatible with everything else out there, 499.00, add on Sequal by Steinberg for killer sampling (like ACID, Garage Band) OR bet the Cubase 5/C12 bundle ( with interface) for 599.00

    dude this is a really tight bundle of products here and i advise you go with them. the sequencing power of Cubase is amazing and put the sequal bundle in with it and you can LOOP your ass off for days!!!!!! the mic, and pre and software is something that i would totally use, (actually i do use the CADs and Steinberg)
    go for it man!!!
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