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    I am a novice 002R user and would be very pleased about any help about the fine art of mixing a song in ProTools 8.

    I recently recorded couple of songs from a band rehearsal. Here is one of them. Please give me good advices what to do to the song in whole and to the individual instruments. I can then go on and try to do what you advice.
    At the moment nothing has been done to the song/instruments. (no eq, compressors, reverb.... only some Oxfort Inflator to the master channel).

    Here is a link to the song:
    Link removed

    Here are some more info about the recording:
    1) BassDrum (Sonor 22" --> EV N/D 868 --> 002R)
    2) Snare, hit (Sonor --> Shure PG56 --> 002R)
    3) Snare, crosstick (same as above)
    4) Tom (Sonor --> Shure PG56 --> 002R)
    5) Hihat & Crash & Ride (Shure PG81 --> 002R)
    6) Bass (Warwick --> SansAmp Bass Driver DI--> 002R line input)
    7) Lead Vocals ( Rode NTK --> Focusrite Penta --> 002R line input)
    8) Background Vocals (same as above)

    Recorded: 24 bit/44.1

    So: which plugin eq, compressor, reverb and which settings for each?


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