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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by fleamail, Aug 3, 2007.

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    Greetings from Greece!

    I am posting for the first time on this forum although I am a frequent reader for a long time now! I currently have in my Studio a Tascam Firewire 1884 audio interface connected to a PC running Cubase SX 3. I also have a Focusrite Voice Master which I use mainly on recording vocals bypassing the tascam pre's!

    The think is that I never use the fw1884 as a controler because I've learned to control the cubase via the keyboard before i purchase the tascam and its hard to change habbits now! So I was thinking of selling it and upgrade to something better. My basic needs are 1 to 2 tracks for recording instruments and vocals and I also need 6 to 8 tracks for tracking drums. I've read good reviews about the RME firefaces and I am thinking of buying one.

    My first thought is to buy an RME fireface 800 and an 8 chan preamp without digital output like the focusrite octopre le. This overcomes my budget a bit.

    Also I was thinking to buy an RME fireface 400 and an 8chan preamp with digital output like the Mackie Onyx 800R thus I can bypass the onboard preamps(and use them only when needed) and use the Onyx and the Voicemaster. This will save me some money in order to put aside for a future purchase of a good one or two channel preamp.

    Any other recommendations? My budget is 1500 euros ($2000)

    Thanks in advance!

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