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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kidlequieu, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. kidlequieu

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    I have a small home studio. I use pc pro tools le, and a digirack 002. I have a Blue baby bottle mic, and a yamaha 500 keyboard. I am having a problem making things sound professional, and I was wondering if I may need to send my music out to be mastered.? My computer is new, and I built it myself. I hope someone can help.
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    what do you mean it does not sound professional? When I do mastering and fix my mixes and trax I usually do most of the work before I am start deejaying or producing my trax. I set up the DJ mixer and PC mixer and levels and have my mixer hooked up to my computer. When I record my mixes and trax through my mixer to my sound card it sounds great. Then mastering is only to lolwer or raise the levels and volume and spice it up with special effects. I have been learning, but I know enough to get me around and also I get some help on this forum and the guys on here are great for helping solve problems. You are either getting feedback from mic, sound is too low or too high and you could also get distorted noise from high volume levels.
  3. kidlequieu

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    help me

    It sounds good in my head phones, but when I burn it to a CD, I have to turn it up really loud on my player. Sometimes, on cheap players, it will distort. The levels are as high as I can get them with all the quality remaining in tackt.
    Any ideas?
  4. Ulf_A

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    You probably need some mastering before you burn it on a CD.

    Wavelab, Soundforge are good pro programs. AudioCatalyst a free one that does the job for starters.

    At least EQ, Compressor and a maximizer should be in the chain if you want it to sound modern pop/rock/r'n'b etc. The maximizer is mainly the one that pumps up the volume to new heights.

    There is a lot to read about mastring on the net and it's difficult to "master". You can read the basics but practise and listening to pro CD's is the only way to get good at it.

    Good luck. :D
  5. therecordingart

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    Jul 28, 2004
    IMO there are two ways to get a mix loud is to record with hotter (louder) levels. The other is to take your work to a mastering engineer. You shouldn't master your own work, and to back up that statement ask the mastering engineers on this site.
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    In addition you could add that going to a professional recording studio is much better than recording in a small homestudio. Everything gets better with professional equipment. Also more expensive.
    Beeing in a small homestudio pointed me to a tight budget and choosing between mastering yourself or not mastering at all . . . master yourself :wink:

    Since you write : "The levels are as high as I can get them with all the quality remaining in tackt." It indicates mastering needed.
    If you can afford it : Go to a pro masteringstudio. :D
  7. kidlequieu

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    So what do I do with my demo/ CD when I am done? How do I get heard, and who do I send it to?

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