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Discussion in 'Ensembles' started by Jason James, Dec 3, 2003.

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    Hey guys. Been recording a while but havn't done much of this. I was hired to record a 60 piece vocal choir and instrument ensemble. (clarinets, flute, trumpet, cello, violin, keyboard piano, upright bass) It will be in a hugh church and we'll have a run thru tongight Wed 12/03/03 so i'll have a practice run. Just wondering if there might be some opinions out there on how to mic this better. Here's my plan.

    Solo Vox/Neumann KSM with pop filter
    Choir Bass, tenors, altos, tenors/MK-012 (4 of them spread out evenly infront and above the choir)
    Childrens Choir/2 AT small diaphram condensors
    Upright Bass/SM57
    Cello/AKG 414
    Violin AT 4050
    Trumpet/flute/ SM57
    Room L Neumann TLM 103
    Room R Rode NT2
    Keys Left/DI
    Keys Right/DI

    All will go thru a snake to my A&H mixwizard 16 (the churches big A&H dosn't have Direct outs) Main faders for FOH sound Direct outs to Nuendo. I can use Nuendos internal mixer for gain staging in Nuendo. Auxes 1-6 for monitor mix.

    Anyone suggest better mic selection with what I have. (thats all the condensors I have.) What about placement of the room mics. Keep in mind we are running FOH sound for 200-400 people.
    Thanks so much, this is going to be fun.

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