Help needed in refining equipment list for home studio!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by kre8ive1, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. kre8ive1

    kre8ive1 Guest

    Hello to All!

    I've recently come into a little bit of money to put a home studio together and wanted to get some input as to whether or not the system I'm considering will suffice for what I'm trying to do. Basically, I'm going to be recording vocals (male & female), recording guitar, as well as keyboards... I'll track drums at a large pro studio and import the .wav files back into the DAW I'm using, so I just need a great audio chain that will cover the instruments I've listed and voices. I don't have much money for mics so I'm looking at two or three good ones to get me started with vocals and guitars. The room to be used for recording is in the basement of my apartment, so I can't modify it that much. I'll plan to use about $2-3K to treat the room, though (Auralex foam, etc)... The material recorded varies greatly from electronica to rock to acid jazz to house to hip-hop...

    Here's what I'm looking at buying:

    Lawson Mic Combo (L251 Tube & L47FET)
    AKG C414 B-XL II
    SM57's (2)
    UA 6176 Channel Strip
    Vintech X73
    Chandler TG-2
    Great River MP-2NV
    Lynx 2 Card (6 in's & 2 out's)
    Creation Station PC Rack (from Sweetwater)
    UAD-1 Ultrapak DSP Card
    Presonus Central Station w/remote
    Dynaudio BM15a's

    Please let me know if this sounds like a good setup to start with... Any suggestions, alternative options or other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!!!!
  2. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    Really good list but I would skip the Vintech, Dynaudios and the Lynx card. I would probably add the following as replacements.

    Event Precision 8s for monitors
    Use the Vintech money and the Lynx 2 money to get the Aurora 8, the external Lynx version with 8 in and out.

    I might also add a couple of Audio Technica mics i.e. 4033, 4047, 4050.

    The Vintech is nice but the Great River is similar and better. The Chandler is a dream. Your covered on preamps.
  3. kre8ive1

    kre8ive1 Guest

    Why would you skip the Dynaudio's? What would you replace them with that's comparable in terms of cost and quality? Thanks...
  4. heyman

    heyman Guest

    A nice start with what should be a strong recording chain.

    Just a few comments.

    Keep the Vintech, Great River and Chandler. I dont see a need for the Preamp portion of the UA 6176. You already have alot of Preamp flavors covered. If you need another preamp- take a look at the API stuff, or the Sebatron etc..

    I would go out and get 1 high end Compressor unit
    Something like a Distressor or an UA1176 for your Rack.

    Take a look at the Microtech Gefell Mics for your main vocal mics.
    SM57's are great for everyday stuff

    I also like and use the Royer ribbon Mics ( R-122's)

    I like the UAD plugins as well that you have listed..

    Monitors for me are subjective- ask around, but find whats right for you.

    Hope that helps.
  5. kre8ive1

    kre8ive1 Guest

    Heyman, that definitely helps... As far as the compressor, i know you mentioned the 1176, but would a bad thing to have the 6176 since it has the 610 pre and the 1176 in one channel strip? The distressor sounds like a nice idea too.... I was thinking about the Atomic Squeeze Box for a compressor, as well. Sound good?
  6. heyman

    heyman Guest

    I own the UA 2-610 which has that same pre as the 6176. I think it is a good preamp, but the Chandler will best it.. Take that money and spend it on something esle. I would like to hear other peoples comments on this. I think they would agree....

    That distressor will be a jack of all trades for you.. Alot of Compressors are one trick ponies. This one is a swiss amy knife. Get it with the British mod as well.

    Dont know the Atomic squeeze box. So many choices. So little money.. I hear that Groove tubes glory compressor is another great box as well.

    Hey where are you located?
  7. heyman

    heyman Guest

    Oh yeah, also getting back to the royer mics. I cant recommend them enough. They are expensive. But you can use them for Guitars, drums and percusion, brass and wind instruments - sometimes even vocals.

    Talk about a swiss army knife. Pair one with a Great River or Chandler and hold onto your nuts...
  8. kre8ive1

    kre8ive1 Guest

    Heyman... I'm gonna check out the Distressor. I have a couple of friends rave about it so I'll go by their spot and check out the unit. I haven't the Atomic Squeeze Box, but I've heard quite a few people swear that they're unreal. Supposed to be absolutely the #$%!!!!

    I haven't heard the Royer mics either. I was trying to stay away from ribbons because I've heard they're delicate as hell, you can blow 'em by forgetting NOT to turn phantom power on and that dust will screw them up. I'm doing some searches on them right now.... By the way, how do they compare to the AEA R84? I've read alot of great reviews on that ribbon mic.

    Also, I'm in Michigan. Ann Arbor to be exact!
  9. heyman

    heyman Guest

    I hear great things about the AEA, but again, use your best judgement. Yes the royers are ribbons- but they can take a beating as well. good luck with your purchase..
    Check out out there for your purchases.

    Also. - they have great service...
    Take care and keep us informed as to how it goes..
  10. kre8ive1

    kre8ive1 Guest

    Thanks for all the info... I'll let you know what I purchase in the next week!
  11. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    what about acoustic treatment?
  12. kre8ive1

    kre8ive1 Guest

    For acoustic treatment, I've been looking at getting the Auralex Roominators along with a Pro Panel Master Pack. I think that will probably run me somewhere around 2-3K. I want something that will tame the room without requiring me to build walls or float a floor. This seems like the next best option. If I'm wrong or you have other suggestions, please let me know...

  13. THeBLueROom

    THeBLueROom Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    will you be recording drums? if so, consider getting a pair of AKG 414s and a few Senn MD421s.

    I'd drop the UA pre and grab an API or Sebatron.
  14. bounce

    bounce Guest

    distressors rule.

    also, if you're using a DAW, get the largest biggest baddest lcd plasma titanium kryptonite super extra stinky monitor you can. you'll be looking at THAT all day long and then some : )

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