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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by miSta, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I am using a Ibanez bass.
    I have a Zoom B2.1u Pedal.

    I have recorded in the past using output (headphones) which I direct to Microphone in on the computers soundcard. After recording, I use VSTs (Auto-Tune, AmpegSVX, GuitarRig, etc) to fine tune the sound.

    The B2.1u pedal has a USB out, I want to record using this ouput so that the sound can be stored as MIDI data rather than Headphone output (WAV). I hear the quality would be much better and would require less fine tuning.

    I have tried Cubase LE, but I have not been able to record.

    The ASIO driver loads up, but I cannot monitor the sound. If I output the sound thru headphones, I can hear it but I can't figure out how to record through the USB.

    I use Sony Acid for recording and laying out tracks. I want to know how to record my instrument through the USB connection in Sony Acid.

    I have set the recording device in sound properties (Control Panel), but I still can not pick up the sound in Acid.

    Is recording through the USB the way to go?

    Can anyone help me figure out how to record via USB through Sony Acid?
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    You have been misled or are mistaken...You cannot record audio data as MIDI. If you have a keyboard or some sort of MIDI device, you can record MIDI data and use that to trigger audio from a VSTi or a sound module. But you won't be able to record MIDI data from your bass via the Zoom pedal.

    There are devices/programs that can convert audio to MIDI but that's not really what you need here. You are working strictly in the audio realm and shouldn't worry about MIDI at this point.
    I can't help with Sony Acid but you should be able to record into Cubase with this. You need to check you VST connections and make sure that the zoom device is showing/selected. You also need to make sure that it's setup as an input in Cubase, then on the track/channel you want to record, make sure that that input is set there.
  3. miSta

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    I appreciate your response pr0gr4m..

    So I'm clear on how MIDI cannot be recorded.. other than keyboard etc.

    I guess now my question is, what good is the USB interface? When I record from Pedal (Output) --> PC (Line In) I get good quality. When the instrument is muted (while playing), I have no hiss, no air.

    So.. what good is the USB output? Is there any benefit to recording Via usb? I know its not good for playback because it does have an extended latency issue.. But what sort of and how much audible difference is there in quality.. if any?

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