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    Hi there,
    I was given the task of upgrading/renewing the sound equipment in my church. The set was installed in 1981 and still working perfectly.

    - One 4 channel self powered mixer from Bon Studio
    - One reverb unit, i don't remember the make and model of it.
    - 2x 200W Two-way speakers again from Bon Studio
    - 4x Beyerdynamic microphones
    I don't have the models of this stuff but I'll get it next time I go to church.

    The speakers are hanging behind the middle pillars of the church facing the back slightly. The microphones, one on the altar table for the priest, one at the altar's gate again for the priest, and one each for the two vocals - the chantors who are standing on the sides outside the altar.

    The sound quality has been superb all these years, they just need a few more mics/channels and smaller physical size speakers due to wall iconography that'll be taking place soon.
    They're really serious about the quality of the sound in the church (unlike the rest of the churches i've been to) and they're not cutting corners. So I'm in search of high quality equipment for this installation.

    So far here's what i've come up with but i'm only a computer expert and not a sound expert.

    - Soundcraft Gigrac 1000st
    - 2x JBL JRX-115
    - Beyerdynamic TG-X 58

    The enclosure that is being used and actually the only place where this equipment could possibly go is a cabinet that is too small for the regular tabletop console mixers.

    Now, the priest wants to have a portable clip on microphone for a few special occasions, but he doesn't want to even think about it if it's going to compromise the quality of the base mic he's using 99% of the time. Any brand suggestions there would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for the help.

    PS. I'm new here, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this post, please let me know if it isn't.

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