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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by fubar1217, Feb 25, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    Just got my firepod running with a Mac G4 867mhz with 1.25gb of RAM. I installed the Cubase LE that came with the firepod and I'm having a problem with playback of a track. According to the Cubase's "Getting Started" guide, I did exactly what they said to record a track. I get signal to the first channel and it records cause when I goto edit the sample, I can hear it back through the headphones from the firepod's headphone out. But, when I go to try and play the track back, I hear nothing. I recorded into channel 1 from the firepod's channel 1 and the output for the cubase channel is Bus1. However, Bus1 seems to be linked to a firepod port and the only options (and this is how they appear) are: firepod 1609 1, firepod 1609 3, firepod 1609 5, firepod 1609 7 and firepod 1609 9.

    A friend thinks it may be a routing issue in cubase. Anybody have any suggestions as to settings for the outputs so I hear them from the firepod's headphone out? (since I'm assuming it should provide playback monitoring) I haven't tried plugging into the Main outs on the firepod yet. I have the ASIO drivers set for the firepod.

    Remember, I'm a noob so I may be leaving out some relevant info here. Please take it easy on me..... :oops:


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