Help Please! Acoustic Treatment for Recording Studio

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  1. Help Please! Acouistic Treatment for Brighton Recording Studio

    I'm after some acoustic room treatment advice for my Recording Studios in Brighton.
    At ALT Recording Studios in Brighton our bank vault live room was very difficult to treat. It's square and tiled too so not ideal in its raw state. The problems were bass reflection and high frequency flutter.
    I come from the prespective that the purpose of acoustic treatment is to produce the most even reverb decay time across all frequencies, minimising peaks and troughs in the low part of the frequency spectrum and also flutter echoes in the higher part of the frequency spectrum.

    We've used Auralex tiles, traps and reflection and BASF ceiling tiles. My problem is we don't want a completely dead and dry room but also don't want any flutter echoes. Is this a trade off or is there anything I can do for a balance.

    We've a few recording studio pictures on our website.

    Any tips would be appreciated

    Stephen Smith
    ALT Recording Studios Brighton
  2. MadTiger3000

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    Nov 16, 2004
    Disguised spam. My instincts are seldom wrong.
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    Frozen Tundra of CT
    What I don't understand is if he just participated here in some fashion he'd be putting up his link everytime and maybe doing some good. These press releases posted as psuedo forum topics are just annoying. WTF?
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    Dude, for Christ's sake, show us a picture of the room in question. We don't need to see your web site again.

    If you have flutter echoes, either use them or turn it into a storage closet. Stick your drums in there. Stick your guitar amplifier in there. Work the acoustics don't try to fix them it's a bank vault! What don't you understand about a bank vault? What? You're trying to redesign a bank vault? Are you crazy? At least you have safe-deposit boxes to store microphones in. Or hamsters? They'll make cool sounds as they scurry about. You could call it your rodent reverb. Nobody else will have it. You'll have exclusivity. Make sure you feed them so they don't die laughing like we are.

    What's a quid?
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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    Remy:"You could call it your rodent reverb. Nobody else will have it. You'll have exclusivity."

    You mean ROVERB? How long is the tail?
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    A squid that doesn't have it's "s" together.
  7. I'm not posting Spam. Sorry if I have been a bit over zealous. Went for floor to ceiling panels with various materials at non paralell angles, auralex tiles and basf ceiling tiles. Sounds great. Better than expected.

    A bank vault in many ways is not ideal. However the walls are 1 metre thick so it is very quiet in their. Ideal for voiceovers.
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    So what help in what area did you actually have in mind?


    Same post.

    Link saturation is what I have heard it referred to. Your mileage may vary.

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