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    im buying a 24channel 8 bus console in 2 weeks and im running cubase sx, untill now i have just used a 8 channel mixer with the stereo out running into my soundcard. i now want to expand, right what i want to do is have at least 12 (if not 24) tracks/seperate channels from cubase sx to be able to be routed out into 12/24 channels of the desk but then i want the 8 buses to be routed seperatly back into cubase as i understand this is the best way rather than try route all 12 inputs and outputs back in to my daw i want.

    i dont know how to explain it properly, i know how to use consoles with daw's using multiple inputs and outputs but havnt got the foggiest how to set one up. im unsure if i need a ad/da converter or a suitable interface with enough inputs and outputs but want to be able to monitor from cubase with near to zero latency?????????????.... the thing is i dont want to spend alot....

    hope this makes sense!

    any help will be much appreciated
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    Jul 21, 2006
    You're going to need an interface (or interfaces) that has the number of in/s and outs that you need. Typically they come in 8 or 16 inputs/outputs. Some connect through a card, some can also connect via firewire. Prices range from around $500-$1500.
    From there it's a simple matter to interconnect to your console.
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    i know that i may need an interface but unsure on which one? also obviously my desk is analog and my pc running cubase sx is digital so will i need a ad/da converter?? if not..why not? will this interface enable me to have the inputs on the desk going into separate channels in cubase and then back out to the desk? then when i have got my mix right on the desk will it be able to go back into cubase to record the final mix?
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    Have you considered a korg d3200 instead of the mixer?

    I was wondering if you had considered buying a Korg d3200 instead of the console? It can function as an I/O device as well as a mixer and HD recorder. It has 16 xlr ins and allows you to get at its files from your pc where you can then use your cubase software. You can get one of these for around $1200...
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    i have considered buying a digital mixer but ive decided i want to stay with an analog console. i work with an analog console on the course im doing and love the sound you get from it,
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    There are analog mixers and then there are analog mixers.What do you have at school, what were you considering buying?
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    Are you sure your computer running Cubase can handle that load of channels in and out? If so, you will need an AD/DA converter system with enough channels. They usually come in groups of 8 or 16. Some have FireWire interfaces that can control the settings on the converters as well as acting as the data conduit; others have ADAT lightpipe interfaces for the data and are manually controlled. I should steer clear of converters that have USB interfaces for their data.

    Suitable interfaces are made by Presonus, RME, Mackie, MOTU, Creamware and Focusrite, amongst others.

    If you are unsure about the capability of the computer, you could consider an Alesis HD24XR had disk recorder, which can double as a 24-channel AD/DA converter. You could then add ADAT cards to your computer to handle only the number of mixed-down channels that you need, or get the Firewire accessory that allows you to transfer digital data directly from the HD24 into the computer for mixing in the box.
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    follow up

    What he said.. computer will be doing all the work so needs to be speedy with lots of mem... look through ebay for MOTU 8 channel audio interfaces that have a firewire port, there are a lot of choices that don't cost too much ($300~$800)... good luck!
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    ok will do that, thanks for all your help! much appriciated.

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