HELP PLEASE with midi error and adding a midi device

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by tempest1226, Mar 22, 2007.

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    hey everyone. I really could use some help with actually two things. First off, i have LE 6.4 which i know is older but still doesnt mean it should just expire. I was trying to connect a Boss DR-670 drum machine and connect the proper settings in the edit midi tab which is i believe under prefrences where there are the pics of the actually units and where you can route the ins and outs by drawing the lines. Sorry thats the best way for me to describe it. Well now whenever i try to congifure my midi settings in that tab, i get that common error that says theres a bug or whatever and asks if i want to submit it to protools. I erased the protools and reinstalled it but it didnt make a difference. IS there anything i can do about this at all. Or do i have to just upgrade to 7.3 just to get a new version and start fresh. Also How do i upgrade if i dont remember or have the authorization code for my digi002. When i got it the code was written on the sleeve that the cd came in and i cant find it and for some dumb reason since i was younger and unwise i dont think i ever registered the digi002. I never new you had to. My second question which is a little quicker. haha. HOW DO I HOOK UP THE DR_670 to PROTOOLS DIGI002. I hooked up all the midi cables correctly and when the configuring edit window for midi WAS working, i had it to what i thought was correct from adding a new midi device. I had a midi track opened as well as a aux with the ins and outs assigned correctly, i was recieving signal in the midi track but with no output at all. I know it doesnt work period now but i figured i would ask since its midi related. Thank you for your time if you made it through these newbie questions and crys for help. lol. take care. -Ron

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