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    First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you for your help. I a new member to this site but i have reviewed the post's on here and they have been very helpfull.
    Now I need some help on purchasing a Mic. I will be recording mostly hip hop/rap music. I have a $400.00 budget and have been looking into the Rode NT1a or NT2a. I have been getting coments from people about the AKG414 but its more than what i have to spend. Is there different mic's out there that I should be looking at that would perform better than the Rode's?
    please help me, any coments or recomendations would assist me further on narrowing my options. Thank You.
  2. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    I think the AT 4033 is real nice. I used it on 2 different bands, years and years ago. I thought it was really sweet! I think you might be able to get one off ebay for close to what you want to pay for a mic. Or maybe you can get one new for a good price. I know alot of guys on here like the AT 4033 alot.

    I have heard great things about the Shure KSM44.
    Also when you double your vocal tracks. Make sure you use a different mic to do the 2nd track.
    Like for instance, track one Shure KSM44
    track two Shure SM57
    But try to find 2 mic's that work well with each other. This with help you get a nice even, but yet still in your face sound.
    I presently use an Audix 06 for vocals and the 2nd one is either a Shure Sm57 or a condensor mic.
    I'm Rick James Beeatch!
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    I personally like an nt1 better than a 414 for most vocals..
    It might be too 'poppy' sounding for some styles though..
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    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    It would be nice to think one could get a KSM44 for $400 and maybe a used one you might...but probably not.The cat's out of the bag on these now and prices seem to be staying firm. I've never liked the 414 for vocals.A little too sibilant.GREAT mic though...a desert island kinda mic...4033...GREAT mic...desert island kinda mic...can work for vocals...maybe not as a first choice but better than a lot of 'so-called' vocal mics.A 4050 is a better choice there.ADK Vienna or Hamberg.$299 at most places.You hear one and it makes think they know what they're doing ...Real good stuff.

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