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  1. hey everybody, blessings to all of you im new to this site wooppeee. I need someone to help me who REALLY knows the solution, plz no unsure advice. I have a Zoom G2.1u effects pedal, boss metal zone 2 distortion pedal, and Pro Tracks Plus recording software. Every time i try and record a track, the first track comes out fine, but then when i try to record a second track (with the first track playing the background to keep beat) the dumb thing delays the signal!!!!! Its almost as if i play the peace as perfectly on time as possible, but then when i play back both blended pieces together, the second/third pieces are always seconds ahead or behind! EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I thought at first it might be the cables (too many cables, signal gets latency) but then after reducing the amount of cables there were, and the distance between the gear and the computer, it still got delayed! The zoom pedal uses USB 2.0 to record to computer, can anyone help me with this problem?
  2. Space

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Sound moves @ 1,128 feet per second.

    Having no more then what you have presented here, I would think that:
    1. you are using a unbalanced/mono/TR cable to feed the computer from the should be balanced/stereo/TRS.

    I'm just the guy that cleans up after the weekend, the unsure advice giver. The folks that really know stuff may not be back for days.

  3. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    This is purely a software issue. Your Pro Tracks Plus does not know how much time to allow for the USB device driver to get its samples through to disk to line up with previously recorded tracks. You could try adjusting the latency settings in Pro Tracks Plus, but I fear there may not be enough adjustment range to get it right.

    You may have to consider getting an interface with a driver that Pro Tracks does know about and can adjust for. You would then have to use the analog output of your pedal connected into an input channel of the interface.

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