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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Arun, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Slightly confusing issue (to me at least!) regarding audio and a cable change. I would really appreciate any help on the cause of the following problem and any offers of how to fix in FCP.

    Test 1 has the problem and test 2 is fine.

    When recording the audio I used my noise cancelling headphones - the sound was fine. When listening to this audio back either on camera or in Final Cut Pro it is still fine when using the phones, but when playing back on laptop speakers there is no low end.

    Now I know that laptop speakers are terrible, but when listening to Test 2 (which had different cable) the sound is OK through both phones and laptop.

    Any ideas why both clips sound fine in the phones, yet when using laptop speakers Test 1 is poor and 2 is good?

    Also any ideas how best to improve the sound of test 1 in final cut?

    Only difference is the change of XLR-mini jack cable.

    Test 1 ‪test1‬‏ - YouTube
    Test 2 ‪test2‬‏ - YouTube

    many thanks for any help

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    There is a polarity mismatch between left and right channels on Test 1. Invert polarity on one channel.
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