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  1. I recorded a concert with 4 mics to a EDIROL R-44. While I meant to record the session as 4xmono, I inadvertently selected 4-channel WAV as the record mode. I am now stuck with this file format which is not very common. What software can import this WAV file format. Is it still possible to decompose this single wav file into the four original channels so I can produce a stereo wav file. I use Multitrack Studio, which is fine, but it does not accept the 4-ch WAV format. Thanks for your help in trying to solve a typical newbie error.
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    The Edirol R44 (nice basic remote recorder) can output each channel individually which is an option if you have a computer interface with line inputs. As to breaking apart the existing wav file, any of the standard DAW programs should be able to do this. Perhaps if you don't want to invest in a full featured DAW you could download a trial edition to break the wav apart. I have a couple of flash recorders for down and dirty M/S or XY field recording and breaking the wav into "L" and "R" is easy. The trial for Adobe Audition 3 is here. This one is Cubase 5 trial. This one is Mackie Tracktion 3.

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