Help routing a signal? PC->Maudio410->TC M3000 and bac

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by trock, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. trock

    trock Active Member

    Aug 20, 2004
    I am trying to route a dry acoustic out of my PC running SAW (SAW is set up correctly) to an Maudio 410 Firewired to my PC, then SPDIF out from the 410 to the IN SPDIF on the M3000.

    i get the signal TO the 3000 ok but i cannot route it back OUT SPDIF to the 410 and back into SAW??

    the 410 seems to be fine to but the LED for SPDIF IN on the 410 does not lite up so somewhere in the 3000 it is now coming back out

    i have the 410 sync'd to the 3000 fine. so sample rates etc are sync'd up with the 410 providing clock

    somehow with the 3000 i need to set the OUTPUT to SPDIF and route the signal out? i have been thru the manual 100 times and there is nothing on this??

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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