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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by One51, Aug 30, 2005.

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    I just bought a firewire audiophile, and now I need to figure out how to set everything up...Before I used a very make shift way of recording, and now I wanna do it right.

    I am using an old reciever as an amp. I have a small mixer and the audiophile.

    I have all the connections and wires, but I just need a little direction...

    I am using the set up to record vocals, and also to record samples off of old vinyl through the reciever.

    Any help would be amazing.
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    Greetings One51,

    You haven't specified the make or model of your mixer so I can't offer any specific advice. However, in principle, all mixers do much the same thing - take input signals (e.g. mics, synths, etc.), route them through various modifiers (e.g. amplifiers, eq, etc.) and output the modified signal(s) to the appropriate destination (e.g. multitrack recorder, headphone amp, etc.).

    In your case the mic(s) plugs into the mic pres (XLR), the outputs from your receiver plug into the line inputs (usually 1/4" jacks, but some mixers also provide RCA connections too) and the output from your soundcard will plug into another pair of line inputs.

    The mixer will probably have at least two sets of outputs one of which labelled as 'Control Room'. Connect these outputs back to the inputs on your receiver, which in turn feeds your speakers.

    The other mixer outputs (not including any direct and/or group outs) will be labelled 'Main' or 'Mix' (or something similar) outs and these should be connected to the inputs of your soundcard.

    Your mixer may have other i/o in the form of aux sends & returns, insert points, groups, tape sends & returns, etc. This may seem confusing at first but all you need to remember is that these are just ways into and out of the mixer and once you work out the route they take (did your mixer come with a manual?) you should find them easy enough to use.

    Go here for more (and better expressed :oops: ) info for beginners.

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    Alright, I did all that, but I was wondering if there was a way to get the person on the mic the feed from the recording program (the instrumental) in their headphones. Right now I run them from the mixer, but since that volume controls the headphones & CR volume I can't do it that way anymore. Do I need something else?

  4. One51

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    IF anyone could help it would be great. Should I just run the headphones fromt he amp to the booth?

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