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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Acid DEaTh Head, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Hey all this is my first post here and i think my problem might be rather simple to some but id like to make music since ive been fumbling with a few issues with logic express 7 for a few days
    1. I just got a new Nord Lead 2 and im wondering how to get audio from the keyboard onto the sequencer or even if i could just get it to make sound i could probaly figure out the rest. Im wondering if i can do this through the audio in or do i need to buy an audio interface?
    2. i have an alesis usb mixer and id like to know if it is compatible with logic it had no drivers that came with it just a copy of cubase le and it said to switch it to usb codec which i did.
    3. ive been trying to figure out the enviroment window and i got sounds out of the quicktime synth. If this is part of the answer to question one i was wondering how to set that up to receive audio instead because i can only set that up to receive midi.
    4.i know how to rewire reason to logic but how do i set that up to receive audio in the logic sequencer or can that only receive midi? Do i have to import audio sounds from reason to logic or is there a way to control reasons software and get sequences to logic without importing an audio file?

    well hopefully my questions dont seem too dumb im just having trouble getting my head around a few things in logic and the book i bought on it is only a little help to me asnd have had top figure much out for myself.
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    wow u have a studio???

  3. Dude i got some funny haha's outta yer reply your what i like to call a hoot!

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