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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have an m3700 desk that was working fine. I haven't powered it up for a couple of weeks until tonight, and I can't get any output from it. It makes no diference if I come from the tape or inputs on the desk. I get nothing on either the individual channels or the VU meters.
    The lcd display reads "mutes and faders" as usual with no error message.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Is there something really stupid that I'm missing? I have switched off and back on again to see if it reset something.
    Any help most appreciated or ideas from other owners.
    I was due to start recording tomorrow too! Dave.
  2. update on m3700

    I plugged the phones straight into the desk and turned them up full with no sound of hiss at all. So although power is going to the instrumentation there is none to the audio circuits.
    I've just checked the fuses in the power supply and 2 of the 6.3 amps have blown. So there is the fault to the supply.
    I haven't any spares to hand, so I can't check it until tomorrow.
    Do these have a habit of blowing? Or where is the current overload coming from? It does make a distictive burp on power up.
    The multipin power lead has a broken locking catch, and as a result is vulnerable to movement. Could this be a reason for 2 fuses to blow if it were inavertantly jarred?
    Let's see what happens tomorrow.
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    May 11, 2006
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    well i dont rember hardly anything about this board i've only been inside of one and that was primarily a clean up... but if its a 6vline its not for supplying opamps its used for supplys for logic chips or possibly meter lights.... and yes jaring a connect can cause blows too.... and remember same amperage... dont go over dont care how much work you have to do... and check me on this but proabaly slo-blow...
  4. solved

    Replaced the fuses and it's back up and running again. They are slo-blows too. Dave.

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