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  1. Hi I think its time to upgrade my sound card (audigy 2) for something more advanced seeing my skills have advanced over time. I'd like to find something just right for my needs though, and any help I'd like alot
    So far i've just been recording bass and guitar through my bass amps direct out (1/4" jack) to my audigy 2 sound card (1/8" jack) with ok results. I would like to take advantage of my DI XLR output from my lovly trace elliot bass amp though. In the future i'd like to buy a nice mic to mic my amp up too and have the best of both worlds. So i'm deffinetly looking for something that can do that for me. The option of possibley being able to record a drum set would be good too.. though I dont know if that will ever be possible.
    I hear e-mu and m-audio do good cards, is that so? The m-audio
    Delta 1010LT certainly looks nice. So does the EMU 1212M. The EMU 1212M apparently has the same converters as the Digidesign®'s flagship Pro Tools® HD 192, is that something I should be excited about with only being a home recordist with about £150 to spend? It doesn't seem to have any XLR inputs though.
    Or if all hopes of recording a drum set goes out the window should I just settle for the EMU 0404? Is there a great difference in the quality with all these cards? Please help me decide whats right for me and thanks for any help. Charlie
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    As I understand it, posting the same message three times is the charm.
  3. I didn't know where to put it i'm new. Do you have the answer? If not it seems it isnt the charm, so shut up less you got something useful
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    Shut up? Your cross posting multiple posts and tell ME to shut the f#$% up?

    How about you acting like you have been out in public more then just this one time?

    You want help with your concerns, try to fit in instead of standing out by acting like you have never done this before.

    edit: took the bite out of the four letter word.
  5. I've never entered a forum before no, so what? I'm just trying to get some help. You are none so why bother writing just to argue? Grow up you geek
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    Heh, good way to start off, being aggressive and stupid.

    You'll fit in just fine.
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    It's like looking in a mirror.
  8. Is this whole place full of busy bodys or just yous? Not a helpful word amungst you, though I've had good advice from other users. Dont waste your time on me boys, you have better things to do
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    whosit? Learn to spell. Go back to school. Save some money. The last one is honest advice. If you want to record drums, you'll need more than 150P. If you want to use either of the units you mentioned, you will need some sort of outboard preamp or a mixer with decent preamps. Either way, you'll need more money.
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    "Dont waste your time on me boys, you have better things to do"

    Not really whogivesaratsbehind.

    Makes more sense now.
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    I use an Edirol UA-25. I like it, it's shiny.

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