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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by TotalKos, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Hey all, this is my first post and I have an important question. I have Pro Tools LE 6.7 w/ Mbox on a mac. I am wondering if there is any way to create a bass line or other musical parts (guitar, violin etc) in Reason (came with it Adapted for PT) or Live (also adapted). I have only figured out how to use the drum machine in Reason. My friend has reason 2.5 and can create musical parts all in the program. Please help me I am stuck. thanks.
  2. Umm offence but that is a really stupid question.

    You've figured out how to use the drum machine but nothing else????

    First of all RTFM. if you dont want to do that how about hitting F1.

    With that being said.

    Yes you can use any instrument in reason (as long as you have the refill for it). For bass lines and beginners just go ahead and use the subtractor. Once you create that go to the file chooser in the subtractor. select your refill (probably the reason factory soundbank in your case) and chose from the basses.
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    Ahah. Maybe I was unclear. i appreciate your reply but the problem is I don't have the subtractor. All I have is the Mixer, redrum, dr.rex, subtractor 1 & 3, NN19. that's it, that's all that is there.

    BTW what do you mean by RTFM

    PS I am not really a beginner when it comes to music production, I am a certified engineer but I have never used this program and am not familiar with it. I do appreciate your help and I hope to get some more, thanks.
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    Ok, where are we going here guys.


    You say your a certified engineer, but you needed to ask on the internet if you can make instrument parts with reason ?

    Reason is not the easiest program to just figure out, hence the RTFM. Search the net, there are maybe 8 million sites explaining your exact question. (Digidesign itself has reason/rewire tutorials.)

    the short answer is, and since your an engineer you should be able to follow along, use reason in the insert of a channel in Protools, through that, protools will control the program.

    I think people would get much better responses here if they understand how to phrase the questions. Rather than saying "I'm an engineer, how do i use Reason?" (which could maybe require a book to answer), you should say, "I'm somewhat of a newbie, can someone put me in the right direction on where to get information on easily integrating Reason into my ProTools workflow."

    These open ended questions are virtually unanswerable.
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    So why did you bother then? It's trolls like you that internet forums don't need.
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    If you read through the whole response, I tried to tell him how to ask the question to actually get some help on his situation.

    Also, I'm am not the one who posted the RTFM, I was answering his question on what it meant because a previous poster had told him that.

    AND, in the meantime, I did some research for him, and found some resources to help him. Maybe if you spent some time reading these things, instead of bitching about the trolls running through your head, this forum can be somewhat useful.

    Anyway, TotalKos ,
    If your still reading, check out this link below to get you started on using Reason, or Adapted, with Protools. This is directly from digidesign themselves:
  7. I feel the same way Blade. This is supposed to be a professional site for engineers of all levels. The ones with the knowledge of how things work should be more respectful and helpful to those who don't know. I'm a beginning engineer too and in my case, I got Reason Adapted with my ProTools LE and it did not come with an "F'n Manual". So I've had to search online and look for info on sites like this where I can to find some useful help. I hope I have better luck.

    P.S. RedDawn should show more respect. I'm sure he was in the same situation when he first learned Reason just like the rest of us and we all know that Redrum is the easiest part to Learn.
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    There are a few people in here with a serious attitude problem. Treat people with respect or move on! If you feel you need to lash out, why reply in the first place. Add some class to your vibe.
    Plain and simple.

    TotalKos, hang in there. This was not a common representation of member edicate here.
  9. Howdy all.

    Hey TotalKos if you're still around, I ended up buying a training video on dvd. Hopefully it will help me out as I haven't had any success online. Maybe you might consider finding a training video or book yourself.

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