Help wanted: Acid pro 6 and amplitube

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kramer, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. kramer

    kramer Guest

    I got a program called amplitube. It's a guitar amp and effects modeling software . Pretty cool stuff. but i want to record . i got sony acid pro 6, and it can record live instruments but its not reconzing the ampliutube. anyone know what i should do for it too work? i dont have an audio interface tho , im running it line in
  2. Bucka

    Bucka Guest

    you should be able to open it thru acid. Look thru the effect options and see if you can find it in there.
  3. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

    iii dunno.

    acid can use vst plug ins but i havent found anything saying it can use rtas plug ins.

    it might not be compatible with ur software. but im sure someone might know better than me.
  4. Angstaroo

    Angstaroo Active Member

    Jul 1, 2005
    DeKalb, IL
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    I don't use Amplitube but I do use Acid quite a bit, but I don't use version 6, so I really can't help you with any direct solutions to the problem, but I can give you a workaround.

    I have Guitar Rig, which is very similar to Amplitube, except that it's made by Native Instruments. I really dug their B-4 and Pro-53, so I went with Guitar Rig over Amplitube. But, same situation really. Guitar Rig can operate as a standalone program, and I'm assuming Amplitube can as well. Guitar Rig can also play .wav files, so I record my guitar track, either direct or slightly effected, load it in Guitar Rig, set up a sound, set Sound Forge to record my wave output, and tah-dah, instant modeled tracks. Draw 'em out in Acid, line 'em up and go!

    Mainly I use Guitar Rig for the effects, especially that spring reverb, and the cabinet modeling. I'll use a preamp or mic an amp and end up with a sound that's -almost- there, then use Guitar Rig to tweak it there. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's a waste of time, but that's computers and creativity for ya.

    Hope this at least gives you a workaround for it until you actually figure it out.
  5. when you install amplitube it installs the vst plugins in a seperate folder so check your program files and a folder called can open the vst plugins folder and copy all the plugins to your vst plugins folder you are using for acid.....I figured this out after a couple hours of wondering if amplitube even came with vst plugins.

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