help.. weird sound from monitors (high pitched owww)

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by jhcremoved, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. jhcremoved

    jhcremoved Active Member

    Here is the set up:

    m-audio profire 2626
    krk rp8s

    When I have no programs running, this weird sound does not occur but as soon as I open Logic I get this sound:

    a high pitched sound (think of a hearing test .. when they put headphones on you to test your hearing) its of very low volume so if the music you are listening to gets louder then it, you cant hear it.

    but it is still very annoying if a song is paused, or inbetween songs/tracks

    i'm thinking it is some kind of interference from the mac. it doesnt happen when the computer is off or i have no programs running.

    any help? they are brand new i'm going to call tech support monday.
  2. jhcremoved

    jhcremoved Active Member

    i figured it out,
    it was the front firewire port on my mac pro making the undesired noise to my monitors.

    problem solveedddddd =]

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