Help..Where can i buy this gear in miami?

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    Hi! I have a cousin taking his holidays in miami and i sayd him to buy me some equipments, but the real problem is that I can't find a store (not a 'virtual' one like ebay..etc) that have in stock the equipments i need.
    They are:

    Sound Card: M AUDIO DELTA 44
    MIC: Rode NT1000

    I telephoned sam ash store and told me they don't have in stock de pre and mic. I am a bit desperated cause he will be only 2 weeks, and i can't find a place to say him to go and buy them.. I must say him go to X direction and buy it, but the problem is that i don't know where he van go. Could you please help me?? Some telephone numbers of the stores where you shure think would they be would be excelent for me....I wait for your answers ...Thanks a lot from now....
    C YA


    PS: Forgive my fair english =)

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