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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by goldie, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. goldie

    goldie Guest

    I'm looking to get a home studio going, here is want I'm looking to get, let me know what you think and if there is anything I should do different. Its for mainly rock bands and accoustic stuff, I want at least 8 pres for micing drums.

    I was looking at going with the Behringer ADA8000 but heard the Yamaha mixer would be a better choice. Anything else I should look into?

    Was also told the CAD M-179 would work well for overheads, vocals, acoustic guitar. Anything better in the $200 range?

    Yamaha MG12/4 - 200 (any better way to go for the money)
    CAD M-179 x2 - 400 (200 each, anything better in that price range)
    Wharfedale 8.2A Monitors - 300
    Senhieser Drum Set Mics - 400 (3 - E604, 1 - E602)
    Shure SM57 - 90
    ProTools Digi001 - 500
    Computer Memory Upgrade - 60
    Cables/Stands - 150

    Total - 2100

    I need to stick to the 2000 range but also hate to cut corners too much. Thanks!
  2. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    I would stay away from the behringer. Look into an Octapre. Mucho better quality (at least at this level).

    I would also consider the Rode NT5's for overheads. They have an interesting silky top end that is fairly pleasant on the ears.

  3. trixie

    trixie Guest

    maybe you made a typo, but digidesign doesn't offer the 001 anymore. did you mean the 002? also, if you're going to get the 002, what do you need the mixer for? you can do everything in pro tools or through the hardware...... and it would safe you some cash for some bangin monitors!
  4. THeBLueROom

    THeBLueROom Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    I have a Rode NT4 (stereo) mic that I'd be willing to part with. It's basically 2 NT5s in a permanent stereo fixture. Very easy setup and sounds great for rock.
  5. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    my advice is going against what you've chosen!
    quality is much more important than quantity!
    if you just want some demos that sound just fair you can go with those things altough just don't expect to spend 150 on cables and stands!
    i'm buying some neutrik stuff and some cable and i've already spent a lot! i'm not saying you go for the neutrik but trust me that you'll spend much more on cables for all that!
    if you want to record some stuff that may come in hand for recordings i'd go for other thing than that!
    stay way from pro-tools!
    if you need 8 pres i'd recommend the motu 896 hd that is much more cheaper than it was!
    you can see too the 828 if you want a mixer!
    here in europe the behringer ddx3216 is around 700 euros! it's a great mixer for the price!
    you can even buy something like an rme card with 16 adat i/o and use with the ddx3216!
    as for mic arsenal i'd go with sm57, an audix d4 or akg d112 and studio projects c4! if you can i'd go for the akg c414 tlII (you can still find it in stores! 8th street has it!)
    if not rode and sp have some cool ones!
    so look at for example

    rme hdsp 9652 - 550$
    behringer ddx 3216 - 600$
    adat card - 170$
    shure sm-57 - 90$
    studio projects c4 - 319$
    akg d112 - 200$
    a vocal mic

    i'd buy less but knowing that the gear would be interesting!
  6. trixie

    trixie Guest

    well goldie, you've got two camps here! inloco says stay away from tools, but i'd say go for it and ditch the mixer. maybe we need to understand why you want tools in the first place. is that where you need to record to? it just seems a waste to get the the 002 (or any tools platform for that matter) if you're not going to use it's inputs.

    but i would completely agree with inloco and suggest quality over quantity any day. if you're going to make an investment, then don't mess about. it's your money, and it need to work for you a few years down the line. monitors, mic, and mixers are my sacred trinity. fully demo what you are going to buy and know what you're paying for. don't just take our word for it; use your ears and decide for yourself.

    good luck!
  7. goldie

    goldie Guest

    Thanks for the help!

    I'm pretty much sticking with protools... yes 001 not 002. I'm getting it used and I already know how to use protools.

    The reason for the mixer is I need at lease 8 channels for drums, without a mixer or preamp I can't control more 2 channels on the 001.

    I am on a buget and want the best quality possible. My plan is to start with what I have listed and upgrade over time as I learn the ropes.

    About stands/cables, I only need 2 or 3 mic stands so most of the money is towards cables.
  8. aarontx

    aarontx Guest

    sounds like you're talking about the Digidesign Mbox that has 2 inputs
  9. trixie

    trixie Guest

    no, it is the 001, aarontx. it's a glorified mbox, so it only has two inputs.

    so goldie, you're need for the mixer is clear now. :)

    good luck setting up everything!
  10. goldie

    goldie Guest

    The 001 only has 2 preamps, I need at least 8 preamps not just 8 plain inputs.

    Yes Trixie, a mixer or a 8 channel preamp. From what I have seen there is 8 channel pres in the $200 and $600 and up. I can't afford to spend $600, so I'm wondering what going to have the best sound, the Behringer ADA8000 or Yamaha mixer or is there something better in the price range.

    Thanks everyone!
  11. nak

    nak Guest

    you shouldnt use 8 pres/mics if you only have two inputs. if i where you i would buy two nice condenser mics instead of a mixer. put one in front of the kick, about 4 feet away and then the other somewhere overhead. this way you still have total control during mixing, and if you experiment enough you will find a two mic setup that gives a great sound for your drums.

    also buy monitors that you will trust. how else will you know if your sound source is being represented correctly.

    you dont need to buy expensive cables as long as you take care of them. (bent cables sound like $*^t)
  12. goldie

    goldie Guest

    Digi 001:
    18 simultaneous, discrete inputs and outputs
    8 channels of analog I/O, 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O and 2 S/PDIF I/O channels, all at 24-bit resolution
    2 mic preamps

    I NEED AT LEAST 8 PREAMPS, THERE ARE ONLY 2 ON THE 001. Therefore I need 6 more preamps w/gain control since there are only 2 built in. A mixer or preamp will work, I just need opinions on the best pre/mixer I can get in the $200 range.

    I hear the Wharfedale 8.2A Monitors are suppose to be great monitors. Let me know if you have heard anything bad about them.

    At this point in time I not going to shell out much on cables.

    Keep comments coming!
  13. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    SM Pro Audio

    is making the PR8, an eight pac mic pre that is interesting looking ... check it out .

    Honestly, the only difference you will find in any of the less exspensive models available will be in the features list .. the inexpensive pres found in alll these low price pres, as well as the ones found in most table top mixers, have more in common than not.

    In the end they all deliver pretty much the same level of performance and quality. There's really no reason to choose more expensive stand alone mid level pres over those found in the Yamaha mixer IMO. The difference becomes appearent when you get into the real expensive stuff, but all the cheap and mid price stuff is more than not, pretty much "same-o same-o" ...

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