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Discussion in 'Computing' started by sachit, May 21, 2011.

  1. sachit

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    Hey everyone! :)
    This is my first post here, I'm very new to recording.

    I just completed writing one song using REAPER on XP with my MOTU Microbook. Towards the end REAPER started crashing and I used to lose unsaved work. Also I don't really like working with REAPER. I have decided to purchase another DAW.

    I did some research and narrowed down to two possibilities: Cubase and Logic. Since I'm going to upgrade my PC anyway, I am thinking of migrating to the Mac platform if Logic is worth it.

    Is there anybody here who's used both, Logic and Cubase? What are their relative pros and cons?
    If there are other alternatives do let me know, my research wasn't comprehensive :)
    My music is progressive rock and blues. I need basic MIDI capabilites only, I record everything except drums live.
  2. sachit

    sachit Active Member

    Hey again

    Actually today I walked into a Mac Reseller store and checked out the entire range. Is it practical to invest in a Mac Mini+Logic Express? Coz it gives me Logic really cheap. Do I lose out on too much functionality by buying Express? Will the Mini handle Logic? Or should I forget the Mini entirely.
  3. If I were you I would forget the mini completely it just isent powerful enough if you get into bigger and better things. My prediction is if you do purchase the mini you will end up upgrading in a year. I actually just went out and bought the $1200.00 version of the iMac at Best Buy with ProTools and couldn't be happier.
  4. sachit

    sachit Active Member

    Thanks for the advice, Mike! I had my doubts about the Mini's capabilities, too, so I'd rather go for an iMac then. Thanks a lot! I'm on a rather short budget, I'll go for the lowest-end iMac. It's still a good i5 quad, so I hope it'll be powerful enough for running Logic.

    My only doubt now is this: Can I manage with Logic Express until I'm ready to shell out the extra for Studio, or should I buy Studio right away?
  5. Blue Note

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    i7 PC & Cubase 6 ...
  6. Yeah, the i5 will handle anything you throw at it. It's one of the best "home computer" processors on the market. And send me a message regarding the DAW I think I can help you out :)

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