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    hey guys . i needs some help . I need to purchase a mixer so i can split the signals of my monitors to both my pc and mac . my dilemma is that my budget is only $100 can having cheap mixer lower the sound quality of my duet when i use my mac ?i just got my duet and i don't want to do something dumb that will cause me to go back to a lower quality sound . i was looking at mackie 402-vl23 Mackie 402 VLZ3 Mixer at zZounds . i like is because it small and the only reason for it will be to split signals. some one recommended a Behringer MX882 Ultralink Behringer MX882 Ultralink Pro 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer at zZounds. what do you guys think ?
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    Are you sure you mean "split the signals of my monitors to both my pc and mac"? That implies that you are driving your monitors from some unspecified source and you want to take the monitor signals to both the PC and to the Mac for you to record them.

    I think what you may mean is that you have the PC and the Mac as signal sources and you want to be able to select which source you listen to on the monitors.

    Don't use a mixer for this, especially the second one you mention. Instead, use a hardware source selector switch (under $100), or if you can stretch to a little more, a passive volume control with switchable input such as the SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2.
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    I think you have more money than experience has taught you? Boswell was nice enough to try and interpret what you are asking. What the hell are you asking? It's a completely clueless question. You're worried about $100 but you are running an Apogee Duet and a Macintosh not to mention a PC. All of which cost a lot more than $100. So what are you saying? Your monitors don't sound as good as your Duet. Speakers as a rule have a distortion specification between 3 at the minimum to normally around 10%. So, monitor speakers are crap in comparison to actual electronics capabilities. People just don't know what they're reading when it comes to specifications of any kind. Boswell's suggestion to use a passive switch I'm basically on board with. Especially if you want to do it for less than $100. Otherwise utilizing a mixer to monitor multiple sources is what we do. Most inexpensive equipment these days (like you're talking about here) all pretty much have similar specifications and utilize similar off-the-shelf components. Which means, anything cheap pretty much sounds like anything cheap which can sound outstanding by today's standards. But your question is basically a non sequitur. Are you recording something or monitoring something? Are you talking about monitoring while you're recording or playing it back? And you can't use a Duet with a PC, so what are you using for your PC? You know, electronic splitter amplifiers are not always necessary especially in these kinds of applications. In these applications, you just want some Y cable patch cords and a couple of switches. But what application is that?? You think you can be a little bit more vague? I hope in a positive kind of pessimism?

    Maybe you should be on win it in a minute?
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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