help with choosing single pattern vocal mic

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by lozone, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. lozone

    lozone Guest

    budget round 500 considering rode ntk blue baby bottle.would spend a little more for truly outstanding value.already have a sp c1
  2. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    Jan 4, 2001
    So you've already tried the Shure SM-7, EV RE-20 (and RE-27 for good measure), the Sennheiser MD-421 and MD-441, and the BeyerDynamic M-88 and M-160? If you respond "yeah, but I want a condensor", that's not what you asked, and you should still seriously look at these mics, as all (with the possible exception of the young RE-27) are classics and are all are great values for the sounds and flexibilty they will provide.

    Other than that, beyond the two you mention the AT-4047 seems okay, but personally I'd be sure to have a few of the above mentioned dynamics first.


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