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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by tempest1226, May 10, 2005.

  1. tempest1226

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    hi all. just had a question. Im a little new at this so understand. lol. anyways. I am trying to have a configuration where i can record drums guitar bass and vocals, but have the capability of using a mixing board for the mix after the recording is already made. specially drums. Only because plugins are dragging my comp down. so i thought a simple mixing board through the digi002 then to the computer might to. but my question is. "is this possible to run a mixing board through the digi002 for mixing during playback" and if so "how would this be set up. Also something to know is that i am going optical through the digi002 into an Behringer ADA8000 for my drums because it gives me 8 XLRs as the digi002 only gives 4. so i thought whoever may help me should know that just incase the optical route could mess with the setup configuration. I really appreciate your time and sorry so jumbly, i am very new at this and know what i want to do but need help to get there. thanks again. Ron
  2. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    To control pro tools after you record you need a digidesign approved control surface. Focusrite makes a decent little model it runs about a grand and has room to control 8 tracks at once. If you're trying to use a regular mixer to mix after the recording process you're screwed, the only thing you could do with that is route the xlrs from the mixer to the berhringer, then all you could do is use the mixers fx(once they're on there they can't be removed) and the eq(same deal as the fx).
  3. Digger

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    I got some good news and bad news - well mostly bad news. Because the audio of each individual track is controlled and stored by your computer it wouldn't make a difference even if you had a "digidesign approved" surface. Your computer is doing most of the work so the only real solution is a faster computer.


    Other things to consider are;
    - try using lower sampling rates - 24 bit/44.1 should be enuf
    - when mixing make sure your latency levels are set to the lowest settings possible for mix down
    - make sure you are using buses for CPU hog plug in's like drum reverbs.
    - if you have a reasonably new computer you shouldn't have that much of a problem unless you are using 20,000 plugs. If you are a plug maniac consider investing in UAD-1 cards and/or one decent external hardware based reverb.

    Good Luck
  4. bradb

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    Dec 23, 2004
    you could start mixing out of the box, but the bad news there is that you'd need outboard compressors and reverbs...

    what you'd do is go in thru the 002 and/or ada8000, or even direct outs to the 002... then when it comes time to mixdown, run tracks out thru the outputs back thru your mixer and mix there.. youre basically using your HD as a tape machine.

  5. Digger

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    If you were dead set on using an analog mixer, with absolutely no automation, Brad's suggestion would work. It would, however, be a hell of a lot cheaper to get a faster computer - than a new mixer and outboard gear.

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