Help with effects on a Roland VS2000CD

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by Jonny, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Jonny

    Jonny Guest

    I have been looking everywhere for help with my workstation. I have a VS2000CD
    I mainly have trouble assigning effects to be recorded and played back.
    I can get effects as I record, but that'S all.
    I managed to get effects on a mastered mix too, but the effects were too strong and the volume was down.
    Man, I just want a little reverb on vocals. I know it can be done.

    Thank you in advance

  2. cleamon

    cleamon Guest

    Those things have excellent manuals. I have a V2400CD, but I imagine it's similar to use. It also depends on whether you are using an insert or loop effect. For loop, here's what I do:
    1) select the desired effect
    2) use the desired CH's aux send to send signal to the FX
    3) use the AUX faders to adjust the FX return level

    rinse and repeat for other FX.
  3. Tigerfolly

    Tigerfolly Guest

    I've got a VS1824, but it can't be -that- much different. I haven't gotten a chance to play around with the VS2000, but I'll throw a few bits of random information, and you can see if it helps you at all.

    On my machine, channels 11 and 12 on my mixer double as FX1 and FX2 faders when the mixer is in input mode. I don't see anything like that on this picture of the VS2000, but make sure that there's not.. your mixer settings could have your FX returns all the way down.

    I use a ton of tracks on my VS1824 just for FX. I just blend the dry tracks with the FX track to get the right mix. At mixdown, I just bounce all of the individual FX tracks for each instrument to a single stereo pair and mix that with the dry tracks. With insert effects I'll just write to a new track and mix that while storing the original track untouched.

    If you're using Automix at all make sure it's not setting your FX sends and/or returns at 0 by default.

    I'm sure you already know this and how to use effects, but just in case, I'll detail it here. In the channel detail screen, you want to move the cursor down to FX1 (or whichever one you're doing) and set the fader to "Post", and then give it a value from 0-127. That's just like your standard send level on any mixer. You should hear the effect when you do this.

    To use the effect as an insert effect, move the cursor to "INS" which is the little insert box, hit enter, and then there's little sections for FX1, 2, 3, 4 and the Aux sends as well. You move the cursor to the appropriate FX, and turn the knob. It should tell you the name of the effect you've got selected as well, and with stereo tracks you can tell it to only affect the left or right side of the pair.

    The only way you're going to have these effects available when archiving or mastering the song is if you have them recorded to tracks, or have bounced your tracks down with the FX tracks included. If you need more information on how to do this, I can write up a quick little thing.

    It looks like they really streamlined the interface, and makes me wish I waited a little bit for the VS2000 ;) But I got mine two years ago, so what can ya do. But now I'm tempted to try and sell mine and upgrade! They fixed all of the things that annoy the hell out of me and cause me to work around them.

    And, the new plugin effect board looks pretty cool. I'm not all that happy with the VS8F-2 board.. I end up tracking a lot with the VS, but then digitally moving the tracks to my PC for effects. And since it's already on the PC, I generally mix and master there.. those mastering toolkits don't sound half bad when you're noodling around on the machine, but they're horrible when compared with top notch plugins or good outboard gear. I like the idea of the VS8F-3 being able to load plugins.


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