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    I am running WinXP SP3, Pentium 4 2.4Ghz 1.75G RAM - I just recently purchased and installed a EMU 1212m and the Patchmix mixer for the 1212m - all drivers and everything installed everything fine except for two things...

    BTW before i proceed.. Connecting to my L & R INPUT on the 1212m is the L & R Main Outputs of my UBB1002 Eurorack - And I have Active Studio Montiors (Samson - Media ONE 4a) connected to my L&R output..

    First off... Sound playback : Alot of pops, clicks. Also when changes are made in patchmix, MAJOR static comes out of my monitors, is this normal???

    So that is my first issue, I am unable to even listen to music because playback sucks .. alot of pops and clicks that i have tried to get rid of but nothing seems to work( updated all drivers, uninstall + reinstall, different PCI slot, etc. etc.)

    Secondly.... NO INPUT SOUND?? Like I said previously, I have connected to the inputs a Eurorack UBB1002 10 Input Mixer.. I connected my condenser mic to the mixer, hit phantom power on and expected Patchmix to jump around with sound on the input strip but NOTHING at all. NO sound from inputs whatsoever.. I am very confused with this and I have read over manuals with no luck. It seems as if the inputs are just not "enabled" --- I can not get any sound to come through. This could be my equipment? Hopefully I was descriptive enough with what i have..

    I hope someone can help me, I created an account on this site just to ask this question lol.. The playback problem isnt as much of an issue as the no sound coming in... I bought this thing to record and cant even get a note out of it :(

    Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!

  2. tokingjoe

    tokingjoe Guest

    add: I have both the 1010 PCI card and the 0202 I/O Daugther card with the 1/4 in, L&R IN's and OUT's
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    Dec 11, 2007
    Scotland, UK
    Pops, clicks are related to buffer problems, which are related to system performance.

    Are you running this at 44KHz or at something silly like 192KHz which your P4 will (not) handle with ease.

    "I created an account on this site just to ask this question lol.."
    Well, whaddayaknow. Imagine needing an account to post on a forum...

    Also try plugging your monitors directly into the Be**inger crap and see if it is outputting sound - if it isn't, your problem is there and not with the emu.
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    Feb 21, 2006
    Hey Joe!
    There are a few things you need to check up on. Have you optimized your PC for sound? There are a few tricks that could easily solve you problem, though I should warn you - recording sound cards can be very picky about a few things, and if you have the wrong computer configuration, you may have no luck getting things going with that card in that computer.

    That said, I used to run a 1212m in a computer just slightly more powerful than that. I upgraded to the 1616m and have had few troubles recording all 16 channels at one time.

    I would suggest starting here:

    That is an EMU specific board, and that link is directly to a guide for getting EMU cards up and running.

    Here is a link to the 1212m section:
    If you can't find what you need in the first link, looking and/or posting here is a great resource for EMU users.
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    tokingjoe Guest

    thanks so much for your help! ill take a look at the sites you have listed and see if I cant figure it out! lol, im a computer geek so I should be able to figure it out... I am coming from an M-audio usb interface so i thought this would be plug+play but apparently not lol
  6. tokingjoe

    tokingjoe Guest

    also just to let everyone know i did what codemonkey said already by running the outputs of the emu to the mixer's mono channels 1 and 2 and the active monitors connected to the main outputs of the mixer, it plays sound fine and its actually better, less pops and clicks now... it mainly happens like in between songs in a playlist.. like drops in a beat or something similar where music stops for a short period of time.

    now i just cannot get any sound input. i've tried everything.. running the mixers L&R outputs to the emu's inputs ; ive tried running the mixers headphones out to the emu's L and R in's still nothing.. no signal at all in patchmix at all with any configuration? --- it is "locked" and i dont know how to "unlock" it the manual is very vague and unhelpful. im sure i will figure it out soon if not i will return the damn thing and just go firewire

    thanks again for all the help everyone!! :D
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