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    Hey guys, i'm looking to start up some home recording space, however i need some gear suggestions.

    i'm looking to get a pro tools setup, however the $$ for the tdm stuff is YUCK. so i was checking out the digi 002/003 factory models. the first problem i run into just in this initial gear-shop-phase is drums. the digi 002/003 only have 4 inputs which means i can only get 4 drum track channels to tape.

    does anyone know of any other options aside from an HD I/O that can get me my independent drum tracks so i dont have to record an entire set bounced down to one stereo track?

    i was also checking out the control 24, if i could ever find one used and decently priced... i heard it runs through PT LE, but does anyone know how many tracks can be recorded simultaneously via the firewire(?) output?

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    You could connect an 8-channel preamp that has an ADAT lightpipe output to give you 12 input channels total.

    Lots of choices for preamps with 8 or more channels and ADAT out. The new Mackie 1200F looks nice, and also has a FireWire interface for the times you want to use recording software other than PT.
  3. On the Digi002, you can actually run up to 18 inputs at once. You only have 4 pre's on the interface, but you also have 4 more line level inputs, 8 ADAT litepipe inputs, and 2 spdif inputs. 8 analog and 10 digital inputs total. You can assign all of these inputs and record all 18 tracks simultaneously.

    I run a 002 with a Focusrite Octopre (for the ADAT), a DBX 386 (for the spdif) and I have a couple of other pres taht I use to fill the rest of the analog inputs. I was looking into the 003. It has all the same features as the 002, plus it has a word clock in so you can sync it with, say, a digital console, or sync to video.
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