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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by heathcom, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. heathcom

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    I am in my first year in audio at Nescom and I have a project on the 32 channel Soundcraft Ghost console. Time is very limited so I cant mess around on it for too long so Im hoping I can get a few tips before I get there.

    I have 10 tracks, 1 and 2 are drums, 3 is bass, 4 and 5 is rythm guitar, 6 and 7 is lead guitar, 8 and 9 is some random kybd noise, 10 is kybd slap bassy thing.

    Class project is to assign certain tracks to the 4 group master faders, use the aux sends to two of the effects than back into the console on say tracks 17 and 18, or what I wanted to do is set effects on 17,18,19,20 to get reverb on two of the faders and phaser on the other two faders. Effects are using aux 1 and aux 2

    I assigned drums and bass (1,2,3) on G1,G2
    Rythms (4,5) on G3,G4
    Lead (6,7) on G5,G6
    Kybd (8,9,10) on G7,G8

    I assigned the reverb effect on channel 17 and 18, 17 on 1,2 routing matrix, 18 on 5,6.
    I assigned the phaser effect on channel 19 and 20, 19 on 3,4 routing matrix swith and 20 on 7,8.

    My goal is to fade in G1,G2 with effects, than fade in G3,G4 and G7,G8 with effects, than fade in G5,G6 with effects. What I ended up with when I fade in G1,G2 is the reverb on bass and drums which is good, but also the effects and only the effects of the kybds which is not good.

    I tried messing with pre/post fader buttons without success. Is what Im doing even possible? I read the manual but got more confused.
  2. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    Sounds a little odd to me.

    I don't usually assign reverb on a return bus. Usually, you'd send your signals out to the verb and either bring that back in on its own tracks or you'd simply use it as an insert on the channel(s) you want verb on.

    Also, if I'm reading your ideas correctly, you're basically going to globally apply phaser to 4 of your buses and reverb to 4 of your buses? Again, not ideal.

    Also, I would personally not put the drums and the bass on the same bus for the simplel reason that, if your kick and your bass don't get along, there's no way to control that anymore.

    Just some thoughts of course.
  3. heathcom

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    Sorry if I made things confusing. I did send the signal to the reverb and back to its own channel as well as the phaser. To make things easy I put the regular audio on the left side of the board and effects on the right.

    The effects are where I want them to be before I send them to the group master faders. Its when I fade in one group I can hear the "echoe" or effects from somewhere I cant pin down.

    Hope that made sense.
  4. Davedog

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    I realize that this is simply an exercise for a class. As it is, this is NOT the way to accomplish a mix on that particular board....or any other 8 bus board I know of.

    The problem you are having has to do with the orientation of the aux groups 7,8 sends. Both of these sends from each channel (I assume you are trying to bleed these into the mix through the channels 17,18,19,20) are stereo sends and they are post fader as well as post pan on the channel youre trying to source them to. The aux 8 bus is a bus that is dedicated to the stereo B mix only. I use mine to add verb to the headphone mix for the singers. It will not do what I believe you to be describing.Also realize that the aux 3/4 and 5/6 is switchable on the channels. You can only use one of the other according to your switch selection on the channel. In short, if you are returning a verb or other effect to a channel and you want to bleed it into a pair of the subs, you can only do this with the 3/4 or 5/6 on that particular channel you're using as your return channel. Perhaps as you do your crossfades you are hearing some of this effects coming through there or it is feeding through from the aux 7 feeds.

    The users manual, even though it is British, is very clear as the use of these particular sends and returns and is specific as to what you can expect to find in most useage cases.

    Perhaps a closer read is in order as well as a complete understanding of the nomenclature they use to describe the various parts and such.

    Understanding these things goes a long way to opening the mind to the various ways to hook-up a mixer and the routing that is possible.

    Thats where you should be spending your time.
  5. Could you possible show us your hook up diagram for this so that it's more easily understood?
  6. Boswell

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    Apr 19, 2006
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