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Discussion in 'Recording' started by socalsupps, Dec 24, 2007.

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    I am new to this forum and am looking for some sound advice (no pun intended). I am getting back into music and recording and have the following items that I have blown the dust off!

    -Yamaha Motif 6
    -Akai MPC 2000xl
    -eurorack 4 port mixer
    -m-audio speakers
    -CD Recorder or player? I bought this just before stopping so I forget what it was for but I think it is for the akai mpc 2000xl
    -Rode NT1 mic
    -Acustic guitar
    -Electric guitar
    -Dell Desktop PC

    I definitly need to get a new audio program for my pc since all i have is cubase 2.0 and was told to get pro tools but I forget all the extra's that I would need to get. I am sure there are other things like instrument microphones and other stuff and I would love your guy's input. Any help you can be would be appreciated!

    Let me know if I need to go into further detail about anything.

  2. socalsupps

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  3. MadMax

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    I'd look at Reaper and a decent 8 channel converter... maybe pick back up on things before getting too far back into gear.

    With Reaper, you can essentially get a fully functioning DAW for $40. Amazing little program...

    Of course I personally would also start looking into my room acoustics as well. A good sounding room goes a long way towards making good recordings.

  4. EricWatkins

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    ...and so what is it that you CANT do with Cubase that makes you want to change DAWS?
  5. socalsupps

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    honestly I guess I could use cubase. But I don't know any of the additional hardware that I would need with it. I sold all of it when I was out of cash. Thankfully im in a position where I can afford to do things right. But maybe I should learn on cubase? I can definitly give it a try. Your guy's help is greatly appreciated. I am an expert in business but an absolute rookie in recording HA.
  6. mobilelab

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    I would get a multi channel interface ( i have the motu 896hd, but there are cheaper alternatives). Cubase is ok, but I prefer Sonar. There are tons of programs out there, try a few. I don't recommend any Berhinger mixers, as all of the ones I've used bleed profusely. Garbage.
  7. mobilelab

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    Also, Cubase doesn't require specific hardware like Protools, so that isn't an issue. Most DAW's don't. That is why I don't use protools; I dont like being pidgeon-holed into using their hardware. Of course, if I could afford the HDaccel 3 and the Ikon board, I would probably get them.
  8. hithome

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    is there a certain style of music that you're recording?
  9. socalsupps

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    well I am mostly into hip hop and R & b styles of music but will be using some live instruments which I am not used to recording at all.
  10. MadMax

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    Uhhhh... yeah. What hardware does ProTools require?
  11. hithome

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    I would suggest maybe getting setup with fruity loops if you're making hip hop, and I think the hardware required for pro tools is if you're running m-powered, so the mbox. that's just my take.

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