help with interface. Fast Trackk pro or UA-4FX

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    I am about to buy my first interface and have no idea what to get. It must be external. I am leaning on getting a UA-4FX because it has a bunch of effects built into the interface (so I think that means I won't have to deal with the delay I would get from using software effects). However, the UA-4FX only has a pre-amp cosm simulator, which I think wouldn't really compare to the real preamp in the fast track pro (although I have no real basis for this assumption). How do these two interfaces compare? Should I be considering something else as well? I need a midi is my equipment

    -Electric Drums (pintech E-Jam with Roland TD 3 module)
    -keyboard midi controller
    -Electric Guitar

    -512mb ram (I will need to upgrade this at some point I assume)
    -AMD Turion 64 ML-37

    Software I have or wil be getting
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I think you might do better by obtaining a USB or FireWire audio interface with MIDI from companies like Mark of the Unicorn or "MOTU". They have very comprehensive pieces of hardware that will do exactly what you're looking for in a portable, external package, FireWire or USB bus powered even. With a few microphone inputs and numerous other inputs and outputs. Right up your alley!

    You are confused about believing that software effects cause delay. What you're describing is what we refer to as " latency". Every piece of Digital Equipment has some sort of latency. Some have a lot. Others have very little and that is what you want. Many have the ability to adjust the software for "lowest latency monitoring". The hardware can have built in effects running on an DSP chip however but that doesn't necessarily mean lower latency. It only refers to the fact that no rendering is necessary.

    Mark of the Unicorn I think would be a good investment for you since they have been doing this for quite some time and their equipment is quite reliable.

    Happy MOTU owner
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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