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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jibz, Aug 31, 2005.

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    Stupid question maybe, but I'd appreciate some help nonetheless. I have a mackie 1202 vlz pro and was tracking drums, 4 mics going in to my 4 mono channels. When I was sending the outs to my soundcard, I was experiencing several problems. Firstly, am i able to send the outs 1-4, from the corresponding channels by using the 4 channel insert ports on the backs of the mixer, or is that only for hooking up external compressors etc? What I ended up doing was using my alt 3-4 outs for channels 1 and 2 (panning ch. 1 hard left and ch. 2 hard right to get isolated mono signals.), and then uisng my aux send outs 1 & 2 respectively for the outs of channels 3 and 4, once again panning hard left and right to isolate the mono channels.

    I know that this worked, i'm just wondering if there's a more straight forward approach to doing this. i know that there is a limited # of outs on the just seems to me like there should be an easier approach.

  2. You can use the insert points by inserting a TS connector to the first click.
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    sorry i'm new. is ts 1/4"? and you mean the the first click point correct? if i do so, do i still need to pan the individual channels har L & R? many thanks.
  4. TS means Tip-Sleeve, which means mono 1/4" connector. You just insert it to the first click point, and you have a direct output pre-fader, pre-eq, post-preamp. I assume that you are using a DAW of some kind (considering the word "soundcard") and so I am sure you want to handle your eq and volume in there.
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    I am using an m-audio quattro (4 in, 4 out) usb interface. if it's pre fader, then how am i supposed to get a good reording level? i'm assuming that whatever the signal the mic pics up is what will register in my recording software. as far as i know, i need my boards faders to give me a proper recrding level. let me know if i'm wrong about this. thanks.
  6. The preamp brings the mic level up to something useable in the mixer. Then you have the gain control. The insert jack is tapped post-gain. You can pull audio off of an insert jack with the faders down. It will be the same as if you had the fader at unity gain (U).
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    cool, got it...thanks alot.
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    Get the adapter plug (From any Radio Shack, Part #274-365 - See that is MONO Female RCA on one side, and stereo 1/4" Male on the other.

    In effect, these make perfect insert plugs that will bring the signal out to the mono female RCA connection, WITHOUT interrupting your signal flow in the mixer. (The "stereo" connections - tip and ring on the 1/4" side - are summed together for the mono combined output on the RCA side). You don't have to mess with the 'First click" nonsense, and it makes a secure, tight connection every time.

    All you then need to do is run the unbalanced line level signal to your recording devices and you're all set. Make up a couple of 'em, like a mini snake w/4 lines for the VLZ 1202, for example, and you wont have to reinvent the wheel each time.

    Keep the runs short, though, and away from transformers and other noise makers; you don't want to add noise and hum to your signals due to the unbalanced lines.
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    The input gain knobs are still functional and should give you any additional level you need. I have done this exact thing with the quattro I had. If for what ever reason it isn't enough I believe you can lower the inputs on the quatro also.
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    Hi there..just wondering..even though you're taking the signal thru the insert out...wud'nt it be more technically convinient by doing it thru the direct out option..i sure youre setting levels for your recording software thru the xdr mic pre on your do it like that...rather than thru a fact im just about to go get a similar setup..just wanted to ask you whether you get a healthy signal going into the software channel strip...also, could someone sugest if integrateing the mackie with the Onyx Firewire I/O is a good and powerful option in terms of getting 12 channles simulatneously, say...8 ch. drums, guitars , bass ...going thru 24 bit 96 khz is going to be smooth or the onyx I/O or will it start coughin up...i mean thats heavy real time..even though like some one rightly said its the shortest signal path...wouldnt i be better off pairing it with say an RME multiface or something/.//
    im playing with about 2 gb of Ram..and about 80 gb of harddrive ...

    Many thanks
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    hey gucci,

    yeah, the signal i get is very good......usually as i said b4, i use the alt 3-4 outs....but on the 1202 vlz pro there's only one main out.....L & going out of the alt 3-4, or the channel ins. make the most sense to me at least....

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